Finding that "killer" site is the goal of every real estate executive. In the complex retail landscape, being able to discern a mediocre or poor location from a "killer" site is not often easy. Optimal location is dependent upon a multitude of site, demographic, lifestyle, and competitive factors. The Strategic Edge applies its extensive site location experience to find those locations that optimize performance. From evaluating existing sites to identifying new sites, we provide an in-depth analysis of all locational factors.





To get the most out of any location, it is important to understand the factors which influence the location. When examining a location, The Strategic Edge evaluates site factors, trade area demographics, lifestyles, and the competitive framework. While each of these factors play an important role, it is the interaction of all the variables that has a critical impact on the site. We help our clients to understand these complex relationships.

Too often, businesses arrive at locational decisions using a purely instinctive or least cost approach. Failing to understand a market's characteristics can be a critical mistake. In the highly competitive nature of today's business climate, picking the right location can no longer be left to gut instinct.





In addition to site evaluations, it is often essential to assess potential sales and profitability of a particular site. The Strategic Edge provides quantitative forecasting tools to assess potential sales performance. These may be either in the form of an analog forecasting system or a predictive statistical model such as regression or gravity. In addition, to sales forecasting, The Strategic Edge assesses potential sales transfer from other existing or planned units in order to quantify incremental or net sales associated with a proposed location.








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